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[22-9/16" x 22-9/16" Branch, Complexity 3/10]

indent This is a critical piece unless you have a really long hallway. Having two is better and they are reasonably straightforward to build. Several track variations can be achieved within a corner module - even in this very limited space...

indent Plan to trim track to ensure clean lines and minimal gaps around the intersection. Attach a third leg in the outside corner for stability when used as part of a table layout.

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Long Corner

[variable x 18" Branch, Complexity 6/10]

indent A corner module variant, with more space to develop a layout and theme. The outer track in the double-line has sufficient length to achieve substantial elevation gain and could even branch and climb to a second table level in a shelf railroad arrangement. The layout could be reconfigured as an end module with elevation gain at one end for a shallower or spiral climb to a new level too.

indent Similar to the smaller corner modules, attach a third leg in the outside corner for stability if used in a freestanding floor layout.

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[22-9/16" x 27-1/8" Branch, Complexity 5/10]

indent A simple, compact branching module. It could serve as a small diversion to interrupt a long, straight shelf railway or tangential end in a closed loop railway. Like the 'Cross', a pair of tracks could be 'pinched' to allow the intersecting third line to pass over or under.

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Hammerhead Tee

[48"x18" Branch, Complexity 5/10]

indent Longer forms of a tee. These are conveniently sized to utilize the standard 18" x 48" module format with or without a protrusion and provide additional space to develop a sophisticated exchange of tracks or incorporate other features.

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[variable x 18" Branch, Complexity 5/10]

indent Similar to the ‘Tee’, this module spins a couple of lines off into new directions. One of the incoming lines is immediately rejected back to the module it arrived from, requiring some thought in both the module layout and operation of the trains.

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[27-1/8" x 27-1/8" Branch, Complexity 5/10]

indent For larger floor spaces, this segment facilitates a centralized hub-and-spoke layout. Two lines pass straight through providing a balanced mix of routing possibilities.

indent By 'pinching' a pair of rail lines, a third line could ascend and descend to eliminate two of the intersections.

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