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Other Module Ideas
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4x20.gif (55 bytes)A basic section with a sliding track feature. Other accessories, such as a log mill or a pallet crane, could be incorporated as well.

Switchback Ridge
4x20.gif (55 bytes)This segment incorporates tunnels, elevated bridges, and dramatic, craggy hills. Trains navigate up through the hills using a series of switchbacks. Retaining walls, piers, snow sheds, and a mine operation can be built into the terrain. Tunnels are required on multiple lines and at multiple levels. This requires a lot of creative carpentry with details to be worked out as they arise. Consideration must also be given to keeping the module light enough.

Reverse Return
4x20.gif (55 bytes)An end module that incorporates a switchback. The edge of the module could be a shoreline, harbor, mountain, dam, international border, cliff, or other feature that represents a logical endpoint. The segment could be oriented 90° and hook to the left, right, or tee. Grade changes could be integrated, as well as a small yard, factory, or port.

Roundhouse Junction
4x20.gif (55 bytes)A segment with a turntable and engine house. Space in a standard module may be too limiting - consider a bulge or right-angle arrangement that can supports both the turntable and roundhouse. The turntable could be easily constructed using an aluminum lazy susan set into the table.

Freighthouse Yard
4x20.gif (55 bytes)This is a section that can be used to join standard or crossover segments. Using a freightyard as the basic design, the sidings are configured to align with either segment type at either end. When incorporating this into a table configuration, 4 bumpers are required to terminate the open ends. A rolling crane, pallet docks, and other yard features integrate well with this arrangement.

Intermediate Freightyard
4x20.gif (55 bytes)Typically trains pass through, but it does allow trains to shift to a siding to bypass oncoming trains.

End Tee
4x20.gif (55 bytes)A turnaround with multiple levels and a return to the main playing area.

Hammerhead Tee
4x20.gif (55 bytes)A branch mid-segment

Make-up End Yard
4x20.gif (55 bytes)This pair of segments incorporate many elements found in a yard. This could be made as a single segment - but transportating the module would be more difficult.

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